Trains in Brunei

To the faithful readers of this blogsite who came in the last couple of days and finding nothing new can thank the providers of espeed for the absence of my postings. I don't know about your espeed but my espeed has decided that it is better off going AWOL so that I can rethink my options of continuing with espeed or go to the other provider. I didn't know that part of espeed's strategy was to go off line so that the other provider can benefit. Hmmmm.....

Anyway, I have lost my postings. But today's posting is nothing new either. Remember the old train track I keep talking about in last year's entry or is it 2006's entries? There are only two train tracks in Brunei. One is in Muara running from the old coalmine somewhere from Serai Pimping all the way to Serasa. This one hauled the coal from coalmines. The other track is in Badas linking to Seria. I have not been able to find an old photograph of the coal mines train but I have photographs of the tracks. As for the Badas ones, I have two photographs. One is from National Geographic and the other is from an old magazine.


Al-Qadr said…
Wouldn't you consider the train running along the BLNG Jetty rail tracks leading offshore to LNG loading moor as the third train?

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