Housing Projects 2007-2012

I just remembered I promised someone a couple of weeks ago to upload the RKN housing projects. Here is the list of housing projects. Unfortunately it is not as detailed as I would like it to be. But at least it gives an indication of approximately what is being done.


Al-Qadr said…
Hey, BRo! I happen to see an advert in BB a couple of weeks back for a Master Plan Consultant to do a big job for JPKE (PM's Office) on Privatisation study.
Do you suppose a few of the departments under Ministry of Development's purview e.g. Housing Development, Electrical Services, etc would be privatised pretty soon? Is that good or bad, boss?
Al-Qadr said…
Sorry, i just realised that DES is no longer under MoD but is now under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Energy in PM's Office.
lisa_d said…
First of all thank you for this great blog. I so look forward to the lovely list.

Deirdre G
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