Ease of Doing Business in Brunei

I am attending a short course at NUS in Singapore. Yesterday was interesting. There are a few PS in the group and yesterday, the lecturers were showing us the Ease of Doing Business Report prepared by the World Bank. You can get the latest report here. I think BT and BB has highlighted it earlier. I had to look in closely and this is the interesting position we are in:-

Ease of Doing Business (Overall) = Rank 78 (out of 178)

Starting a Business = 117
Dealing with Licences = 66
Employing Workers = 4
Registering Properties = 178
Getting Credits = 97
Protecting Investors = 121
Paying Taxes = 28
Trading Across Border = 36
Enforcing Contracts = 158
Closing a Business = 35

Checking against our ASEAN neighbours, Singapore (1st), Thailand (15th) and Malaysia (24th) are ahead of us. We beat Vietnam, Indonesia, Philipppines, Cambodia, Myanmar and Lao PDR.

Clearly, there are many things that my colleagues and I have to improve on.


Al-Qadr said…
What's most interesting is the fact that Brunei Darussalam is 4th out of 178 in 'Employing Workers' category and bottom last position in 'Registering Properties'.

Hhmmm... If we wanna be Numero Uno in the world of nations, Brunei could simply employ more and more foreign workers to jump up the World Bank ladder (at the expense of local unemployed Bruneians, no less:() On the other side of the coin, Brunei has also been listed in 'world rankings according to Western bias' as not so livable for foreigners since we are a "Dry Country" i.e. no booze, no fun!;)

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