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Brunei Darussalam to build ICT Opportunities

 Oxford Business Group on 17th March 2014 reported the following commentary on Brunei: +++++ Brunei Darussalam to build ICT opportunities Brunei Darussalam | 17 Mar 2014 Proposed regulatory reforms are set to give a boost to Brunei Darussalam’s information and communications technology (ICT) sector, an area of the economy that the government has targeted for growth. In mid-February, Hj Yahkup Hj Menudin, CEO of the Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI), the state agency charged with both developing and regulating the ICT sector, said his organisation was looking to boost competition in the market. A review of policies is under way, with the objective of streamlining the process for licence applications, as well as improving licensing terms and conditions for telcos and broadcasters, both of which fall under the purview of AITI. According to Hj Yahkup, a new licensing framework would allow the regulator to introduce a new competition code, which would facilitate