FIFA GOAL Project in Brunei

I was at the Brunei Football Association new headquarters at Jalan Menteri Besar. To be precise, it is at the Jalan heading towards MOF and MOH but don't turn up to Commonwealth Drive.

BAFA apparently did not pay a single cent for the building which will later consist of a main building, a training centre as well a football pitch. The building cost some US$1.4 million. FIFA gives BAFA $400,000 for the building. On top of that FIFA gives US$250,000 a year to each of its members. Brunei being more prudent did not take it and kept it at FIFA and now drawing the last four years to pay for that building. At leat BAFA will now has its own headquarters. I sure that that will help the state of our soccer. PLease......

I spoke to the FIFA regarding our FIFA rankings. He said it is not that hard to raise it. All Brunei has to do is play against higher ranking teams and beat them. Playing against lower ranking teams means winning would give us more points. Trashing Timor Leste 10-0 means we get about 1 point but a draw against Germany would do wonders. Time to change strategy.


Sryz said…
God-Willing! We sure will change strategy.
May He help us in our journey in the paradigm shift of our mind!

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