The Anniversaries in 2008

I was having a chat yesterday regarding the program for this year's commemorative stamps. I understand it has not been finalised yet but in the works are stamps to commemorate the 100 years of moving BSB to dry land (this process was in 1906, so the stamps will be about 2 years over the 100 years), to commemorate 100 years of health, 40 years of His Majesty's Coronation and 50 years of the SOAS Mosque.

His Majesty's Coronation was in 1968 even though he ascended the throne in 1967. The last big celebration was in 1992 when His Majesty celebrated the Silver Jubilee of Ascending the Throne. Last year would have been his 40th anniversary. However the 40th Anniversary of the Coronation would be this year. Someone posted a video of the 1968 Coronation on youtube and I thought I will put up here for you to enjoy as well.


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