Kampong Batu Ampar

I am in Singapore for the next few days. So I will be recylcing materials that I wrote in the past mostly from the Golden Legacy blogspot.

I remembered in the DBR talking about a few place names in Brunei where the place names are a tad unusual. In fact, not many people would want to live there if the place names resemble their names. The places included Kampung Parit (ditch) and Kampung Sungai Hanching (smelly river). One particular place name which I liked was Kampung Batu Ampar. My colleague, the DPS for PMO lived there. Kampong Batu Ampar for those wondering where it is is a village on the way to Lumapas. Yes, it's on that side of Brunei.

It took a while for me to find out how Kampung Batu Ampar was named. I remembered speculating what is it about the rocks there that they become so knackered. 'Ampar' in the Brunei language in the definition of Kamus Nusantara is 'tidur nyenyak kerana terlalu letih' (sleeping too soundly because of over tiredness) which to me translates to the British word 'knackered'.

Why are the rocks then said to be so knackered or tired?

According to Syair Awang Semaun, which is our oral tradition poems, the village got its name because that was where Awang Senuai used to compete in gasing against Mambang Dewa. Awang Senuai was in the the same syair is the guy who owned Mutiara, the cockrel that fought against Asmara that eventually transformed into the two islands of Pulau Pilong-Pilongan and Pulau Lumut Lunting. The gasing competition was so intense that rains come down and that the rocks became flattened as if they had turned to 'tikar'.

In the Syair Awang Semaun, it was said that:

Hujan lalam bersatar-satar,
Batu pun pipih seperti tikar,
Menjadi halaman si pantai kittar,
Dinamai orang Batu Ampar.


Fraees said…
Just to clarify sir, I'm not sure if there are two Kampong Batu Ampar in Brunei but the village that I know of is on the way to Kampung Limau Manis, that is if you are travelling by way of Jalan Mulaut/Limau Manis heading towards Lumapas.

The village borders Kampung Pengkalan Batu and Limau Manis and is just opposite the padi fields of Kampung Wasan.

P.s. Love your stuff!

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