The Perils of Marrying Much Younger Women

I got these two short notes off, my favourite online magazine and I thought it's worthwhile sharing - the first is especially dedicated to my dear colleagues and fellow senior Bruneians who are contemplating something similar; and the second to younger Bruneians. Both are written by William Saletan based on actual studies conducted by scientists.

Older men are more likely to produce premature babies. For a mother 20 to 24 years old, the risk of bearing a child before 32 weeks' gestation almost doubles if the father is 45 to 49 years old rather than 25 to 29. The younger the mother, the stronger the effect. Previous studies have linked older fathers to some pregnancy complications, birth defects, and diseases in offspring. Interpretations: 1) Men may accumulate bad mutations as they age or are exposed to toxins. 2) Nature may discourage big age differences between parents because they're disadvantageous to the child. 3) For God's sake, she's young enough to be your daughter. Nuf said.

Sexual images subvert young men's ability to think. In a money game, men who were shown pictures of lingerie or sexy women accepted disadvantageous deals more often than did men who were shown nonsexual pictures. Men with higher testosterone levels, inferred from ring fingers that were long relative to their index fingers, did worse on the test. Interpretations: 1) Duh. 2) This is what evolution designed men to do. 3) Nevertheless, we can struggle to overcome it. 4) Researchers are having trouble finding images that mess up women the same way. What does that tell you?

Journey into Golfaholicland - I thought I will start a short paragraph on this journey. I was at the driving range for the umpteenth time at the Empire last night preparing for a game at the Empire tomorrow night. All the staff recognised me by now. I realised that tomorrow will be my sixth game in the space of about four weeks. I am also booked for golf games on Friday at Royal Brunei Golf and Country Club (RBGCC) and on Sunday at Jerudong Park and Polo Club (JPPC). I just spent another $600 getting a Taylormade TP Dual Hybrid Wood/Iron #2 as an addition to a #4 which I bought last week. Even though, I still think it's a crazy game trying to get this tiny little ball into this tiny little hole in hundredes of acres of spaces - and only crazy people play this game, I can't seem to get enough of it. I have to welcome me into the crazy world of golf.


Anonymous said…
Aah,bitten by the golf bug i see.May i suggest a few good books to read to cut a few strokes off your score and some which may not:-

1.) Golf is not a game of perfect- Dr Bob Rotella.
Comment: Really good book which involves the psyche of a golfer and ways to prepare your mind before every shot.

2.) Harvey Penick's Little Red Book- Harvey Penick with Bud Shrake.
Comment: A timeless classic.A must-have for every golfer's library.

3.) Four iron in the soul- Lawrence Donnegan.
Comment: One of my all-time favourites. A humourous and insightful view of life in the European professional circuit.

Look it up at and order it now! or later.Hehe.

- Golfaholic aka AMF.
thank you - i will check out the books like you suggested.

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