Brunei Send 12 to World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA 2015) at Long Beach California

The 12 delegates for WCOPA 2015 pose for a group photo with members of WCOPA Brunei Darussalam at a press conference yesterday to announce their participation in the event. BT/Rachel Thien

Singing duo The Ellewan perform for the media at the press conference. BT/Rachel Thien

The dance team under the Senior Dance Group category perform for the media. BT/Rachel Thien


Monday, February 2, 2015

Twelve delegates have been chosen to represent Brunei at the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) 2015 from July 10-19 in Long Beach, California.

They will be competing in the Senior Acting category, Senior Vocal category, Senior Dance Group category, Senior Vocal with Instrument (Duo/Group) category, Senior Dance Solo category and Senior Vocal with Instrument (Solo) category.

“This year’s delegates were chosen after an exclusive audition in October 2014 and careful deliberations from WCOPA Brunei Darussalam to determine who will best represent the country in this prestigious competition,” said WCOPA Brunei Darussalam’s National Director, Jeffrey E. Cadayong, at a press conference yesterday to announce this year’s delegates.

“Finally, we are so proud to present to you the delegates, who will undergo intensive training and personality and image development to prepare them for the upcoming competition, in which they will be competing with world-class talent from more than 50 countries. We believe that we have chosen yet another strong team for 2015,” he added.

Team Brunei Darussalam includes Zainal Bostaman for the Senior Acting category and Nadia Halim, known as “Yaya”, Ak Muhd Yazakka Pg Hj Mohd Yamin, known as “Yazakka”, and Hill Zaini for the Senior Vocal category.

For the first time at the WCOPA annual event, Brunei will be sending a dance team to compete under the Senior Dance Group category. The team comprises Amy Cheong, Ainul Marzuki, Sarah Jane Ward and Shannon Osman.

Also for the first time, Brunei will be participating in the Senior Vocal with Instrument (Duo/Group) category. Representing the Sultanate will be singing duo The Ellewan, which consists of Erwan Mugit and Michelle Tan.

They are both students at Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) and are about to complete Bachelor of Arts degrees.

According to a press statement by WCOPA Brunei Darussalam, WCOPA is the only official “Talent Olympics” for aspiring performing artists.

This year, WCOPA has been expanded to create a system of competitions designed to provide invaluable experience and exposure for achieving artists around the world.

The grand prize at these Olympic-style events is a gold medal.

Apart from being awarded gold, silver and bronze medals, the overall and grand champion winners in various categories of competition will also each receive a $40,000 (US$30,000) scholarship to study at the famed Millennium Dance Complex in Hollywood, California, a $270,000 (US$200,000) scholarship from the renowned New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts School for Film and Television, or a $203,000 (US$150,000) scholarship from the esteemed New York Film Academy.

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