Aiko and Taro Playhouse

The newly established Aiko and Taro Playhouse, located at Unit 4, First Floor, Block C of Bangunan BPD Haj Md Yusof in Kg Kiulap, aims to provide a positive environment for childen to flourish naturally.

The founder of Aiko and Taro Playhouse, JC Yong explained their FEEL concept, which involves right brain stimulation activities especially for kids between four to six years old, and said that children pick up certain stills like reading, language art and music better at an early age given their brain develment capacity.

The FEEL concept stands for ‘Feed your kids with knowledge, Expose your kids to art and music, Encourage your kids to express themselves freely and Lead your kids to the world of reading;.

The playhouse’s main objective is to build a robust foundation on reading the ability for kids to better overcame academic challenges in the future, whild nurturing their creativity and instincts.

Education programmes in schools generally focus on left braind developments and teach children to learn through reason and repetitions with organised information.

At the Aiko and Taro Playhouse, kids are exposed to about 300 book titles per year from carefully selected resources, while also exposing them to fun art and music.

The playhouse also has an “I Love Drama” group, which encourages the kids to express their imaginative thinking, visualise situations, improve their social, lingusitic and physical expression skills as well as spontaneous responses, which are all fundamental in building their self-confidence,

Interested parties can visit the Aiko and Taro Playhouse’s Facebook page for further information or call 8727898 to sign up for a free trial session.


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