It happened on a Brunei Sunday

Together with about 5% of Brunei's population, I was at the Padang yesterday morning doing our 'senamrobik' before walking off to Kianggeh and up the Bukit Subok and then coming back down. I did an abridged version of the walk and came back about 20 minutes earlier than everyone else. I joined the committee to welcome His Majesty and of all people, he looked at me and actually asked me 'nda berjalan?' I didn't have time to give an answer though.

RTB took the opportunity to sell their CDs 'Dirgahayu 60' containing all the songs for His Majesty's Birthday, $10 for CD without lyrics and $12 for CD with lyrics. I bought 2 with lyrics and still paid $20 as they did not have change and decided to give an on the spot discount. The proceeds go to charity. So I urged you all to buy this CD. The CD has also joined my long list of Brunei CDs available on the music page on If you do download this particular one, please give $10 to a charity of your choice. If you don't, the pox will be on you, so there.

Later in the afternoon, I watched Superman with my wife and kid. The movie was okay but there was this couple who came in late and I had to get up to let them in. Then another late movie patron came in to fill in the seat in between us and I had to get up again. One of the couple went out towards the end of the movie and I had to get up for a third time. I just couldn't believe it. He was apologetic about it. But fortunately he was too scared to come back in as otherwise I would have to get up for a fourth time.

Superman's son is an interesting concept. I remembered a short science fiction article someone wrote quite a long time ago, back in the mid 1970s if I am not mistaken about how Superman can actually make Lana conceived. I found it again when I googled it. When you think about it, in the throes of the excitement etc, with Superman's superstrength, Lois could easily be crushed to death. We haven't even taken into account the 'speed' of the sperm. If I remembered what I read, it talked about blowing off the top of Lois' head. We are talking about Superman with his superhuman muscle here.

Even if someone was to pick a bone with me and argued about artificial insemination - I don't think that's on. That is more or less pre-meditated. Since Clark did not know that Jason was his son, so I presumed whatever relationship he had with Lois produced that child naturally and not through artificial means. Just supposing he did, there are several problems with artificial insemination, one is that someone must catch it and how are you going to store it assuming it too must posses superstrength power? Normally only one sperm will into the egg but with millions of superstrength sperm, practically all can make it. You can just imagine it. (If you want to google the actual article, type superman super sperm.)

Anyway, just enjoy the movie. And stop thinking about all these. The movie is impossible enough to believe, let alone trying to worry about the mating consequences of a Krypton and an Earthwoman.

By the way, a quick free plug. We had dinner last night to have a simple celebration for my wife's birthday at a restaurant called Lizzie's (attached to Soon Lee Megamart at Jalan Kubah Makam Diraja). The business was taken over by an enterprising local entrepreneur about two months ago with his Kedah wife. They have not changed the name of the restaurant officially (supposed to be Rasa Malaysia now) but the place has changed to a Malaysian cuisine restaurant. The food is genuine Malaysian unlike some of our local restaurants which are not quite sure what they want to be. It's a worthwhile visit.


anakbrunei said…
Tried out Rasa Malaysia this afternoon. We ordered Mee Goreng Mamak KL, Soto Johor, and Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin.

The Mee Goreng was quite tasty, not too spicy, but a bit soggy and I felt the ingredients were not very fresh... Also, I'm kinda used to my mee goreng mamak being nice and orange in colour a'la C.A.Mohamed but I guess this is KL style...

The Soto Johor was interesting. I liked the flavour of the broth, and the kicap based sauce that went with it was quite good as well. Again, the ingredients did not taste very fresh...

The Nasi goreng was probably the best of the lot. Bit on the soggy side but then I'm used to bone dry fried rice chinese style. Nice balanced flavour complemented by the fried anchovies (pusu goreng) which I asked the chef to use cos they ran out of salted fish!
Anonymous said…
HM kah tanya 'nda berjalan'? cool jua.
Anonymous said…
Anything on the published "The Brunei Times"?

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