The Birthday Gift from His Majesty

The gift by His Majesty during His Majesty's 60th Birthday Celebration is one of the most memorable and most expensive in recent history. The revised salaries that everyone currently in the civil service will get in August will raise the salaries that everyone who is in service during the announcement, in division 5 cases, equivalent to working 9 years or for officers in division 2, equivalent to doing a Master's degree (2 increments).

By the time I post this, PMO's Circulars 13/2006 and 14/2006 would have been issued and everyone by now would have known that His Majesty has granted 3 announcements during the Birthday Speech. The first is the accelerated salary increments, the second a revised pay structure for daily paid staff and the third a special increase for cost of living allowances.

The biggest number of civil servants will be affected by the increase in the increments that each division will receive as follows:-
  • Division 2 - 2 increments (on average raises between $180 to $240 per month)
  • Division 3 - 3 increments (on average raises between $180 to $210 per month)
  • Division 4 - 6 increments (on average raises between $120 to $240 per month)
  • Division 5 - 9 increments (on average raises between $90 to $180 per month)
For daily paid staff, their salary structures have been completely revised and will get an additional $4 per day which will give them about $88 to $92 salary raise per month as well as a fixed annual increment.

In addition to the above, His Majesty also announced that for those in Divisions 4 and 5 will get an additional $30 to the monthly elaun sarahidup (or cost of living allowances).

Now the FAQs. Yes your salary will now be raised by that much permanently. Your annual increment dates are unaffected. In other words, you get your whatever special number of increments and come the next annual raise even if it is 1st August, you will get another increment (providing that you still have increments left in your salary scale). If with the additional new special increments you will exceed your bar, you will automatically be moved to the EB khas or special EB. If with the additional new increments you will exceed your EB khas, then you will get additional increments beyond the EB khas making your new pay on a personal to holder basis. Increments are salaries, thus 5% will be deducted for TAP and the government will have to also pay a new high 5% thus making your contributions higher. This increase will be given to everyone who is in the civil service during the announcement on 15th July, so if you report to work on the 13th July which is the last working day before, you will be entitled to receive it. But if you report to work on 17th July and any other day beyond, you will not be entitled to it. The increments to the Civil Service are also given to members of the Royal Brunei Police Force and the Royal Brunei Armed Forces. Government agencies (corporate bodies such as TELBRU etc) are not included and will depend on their own Board of Directors for whatever direction.

If there is anything else that you need to know, please contact the Accountant General's Office. The Prime Minister Office Circulars 13/2006 and 14/2006 are donwloadable as pdf files from


Anonymous said…
Thanks Mr BR for the info. A much awaited information :)
rose said…
Thanks for posting this.. eventho i still have a question to ask you.

Effective when? Next month or the moment when we r supposed to get our increment (in my case its this october)

Thanks :)
rose: the accelerated increments are effective immediately, so that you get your whatever accelerated increments now (most likely in your payslip by August) and come October, you will get another increment as per your entitlement.
Anonymous said… is effective 15th July but will be paid in backdated from 15th July..that means when ur increment is due in october..u will get another increment :) dat rite Mr BR?;)
rose said…
aight.. thanks for the additional information brunei resources and mrsamir. :)
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
What happens if my gaji is already barred?
Anonymous said…
U go straight to ur EB khas need to wait for ur recommendation lagi
mrsamir: yes, very astute of you.

annonymous: yes, if bar, you go to EB and then special EB without waiting for recommendations, automatically. if exceed bar, then additional special increments.
Zul-Fadly said…
Mr BR Sir... Thanks for your updates... I think I saw u on da news jus now... hehehe...

Hungry for Knowledge... Thirst for facts and may his al-mighty bless you...

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