Some thoughts for the young Bruneians

July is that time of the year. Some of you have to make decisions on what it is that you want to do for your future life. Some are thinking about going to UK and Ozie being the two most common destinations. Some perhaps a little bit further such as the US, Canada or New Zealand. Some nearer such as Malaysia and Singapore and some just across the borders. For some, it is finishing time - to go home or to continue. Life is already so much fun abroad. Going home? Urrgh.... The pressures. Time to get someone, you are graduated already... time to you know...

July is that time of the year. It happened to me in July about 20 years ago after attending the convocation ceremony and all that. Just for the record, I managed to get a 2nd Upper Joint Honours in Law and Economics and in July I was sitting down contemplating what to do with my life. I had by then been accepted into Lincoln's Inn to do my Bar and the Education Ministry then had already extended my scholarship for the duration of the Bar course. At that point in time for the first time I wasn't sure whether I wanted to be a lawyer. If I had gone in and come out as a Barrister, I would probably be a High Court Judge or at least an Assistant Solicitor General judging by the career path of my contemporaries. Of course, being 22 years old then, life was so much ahead of me, at least that's what I thought. I changed my mind thinking that perhaps if I wanted to be a lawyer one day I could also make it. Of course I never did change my mind and I am thankful I made that decision not to be a lawyer. Regrets? None whatsoever. I wouldn't have met my wife otherwise.

Making decisions for my young readers is certainly the hardest thing you could ever do. You are an independent person, young adult, old enough to make up your own mind yet you are mindful of your parents, your elders, your friends, your relatives, people surrounding you - to the point that you can't make up your own mind. I was alone in UK. I was lucky my parents trusted me to make up my own mind. But looking back even a few years after my career, I was always wondering whether it is the right decision. At the end of the day, I don't think it really matters. What's more important is your character. Your promotion is a function of the things you do well, your character, your working relationship and your attitude plus of course your prayers and also luck. I wasn't a lawyer and yet I have risen high enough to be equivalent to the posts that I probably would have if I had become one. Luck probably plays an important part as well. But luck can only happen if you are prepared and the opportunity arises. Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity.

Having said all that, I think at the end of the day, you have to trust yourself and you have to believe in yourself. Only you can decide your own destiny. Others can only guide you. But only you can decide where it is that you want to go. The Al-Mighty will also try to give you the best no matter how bleak it looked now. So my dear younger readers, work hard, pray hard and think hard. I wish you all the best.


Anonymous said…
It's great that you've made the right choice. I was 17 when I did my Law degree but this is because my parents want me to. Honestly, during high school I did not know what career is suitable for me. I know that its our own future and life we're going through, but nonetheless, I would not have been happy with my job right now if my parents haven't helped me picked my career but then again it depends on the individual too. ;)
Zul-Fadly said…
In Brunei Mr BR Sir, youths have as anon. mentioned had no idea wot he/she wanted to do but rather what his/her parents wanted him/her to do.

He/She is thankful to his/her parent's for helping him/her make that career choice.

I perhaps speak on behalf of many who grew up with dreams to do something radical than the norm but parents did not oblige so we do the things that they want, just to please them. Eventhough you might have to suffer the consequence of being unhappy at your future/present job yourself.

Our Education system and courses offered in our country are not diverse enough for those who are not able to continue their degree abroad. With this in mind we have the abundant trained 'Degree Teachers' syndrome.

Many say we lack the creativity, I think we just lack the imagination to go beyond.
Anonymous said…
"The Al-Mighty will also try to give you the best no matter how bleak it looked now." - BR

I disagree. The Al-Mighty WILL give you the ALL that you will need to experience the life that he has put forth for you.

As for choices.. some people still don't know what they want when they hit 30. Think the most important thing to do is to try and experience all the things that you want in life so you know what you want when the time for you to make a 'real' decision comes. Parents ask you to do the stuff they want you to do because they know its at least a fallback plan that can carry enough financial stability to survive in case what you what to do fails. Don't forget, many have been through it all before and only have the best for their children at heart.

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