The Celebration Continues

By late morning yesterday, some are already wondering when is it that they will be getting the wonderful gift from our benevolent Sultan. All I can tell you is that Treasury Department is working flat out to ensure that every single increments will be in your pay packet by the August salary. However this also requires inputs from all the ministries and departments and because it is a computerised system the inputs must be in by the first week of August if we are to make it for the August salary. I have been told that 100% payment maybe a bit iffy, so the chances are, some payments will have to be made in September. In fact, some have also indicated that with September, the payments will be with the August and July arrears, so it may make for a better Hari Raya celebrations in October. We will cross that bridge when we get there.

Before I forget, I have been asked to clarify that the increment for July will be made up of 17 days (15th July to 31st July). So don't expect a full month's increment for July. The full increments will be made from August onwards. All July payments will be manual, so that means out of 60,000 civil servants, the chances of July payments will be late is unfortunately very high. So be forewarned.

Last night, His Majesty's birthday celebration continues with a dinner banquet for uniformed personnel. Even though we are not uniformed personnel but we still have to be there. Unfortunately this time round, where I was seated which is at the top of the table and just across to where the royals are seated, I couldn't exactly take out my camera and take photographs of the banquet. So I did the next best thing, take out my handphone and take photos as it is less obvious. But downloading the photos are a bit harder so the photos will have to wait until I have the time to sort out all my wires etc.

In the meantime, for those who are interested what is served in the banquet hall of the Istana Nurul Iman last night, the menu is made up of:-

  • Starter: Marinated Razor Clam, Sea Urchin with Pepper Herbs Vinaigrette
  • Soup: Cream of Beef Hongroise with Stuffed Onions, Leek and Shark's Fin
  • Sorbet: Chilled Mandarin Orange Jelly - Intermezzo
  • Main Course: Beef Tenderloin with Ginko Nuts, Crispy Yam and Pepper Sauce
  • Dessert: Lemon Parcel in Fillo Pastry with Mocca Sauce
  • Petit Fours: Apple Juice and Manggis Quinchy
  • Menu: Same thing as on 15th July - a box with a sliding top but with a different colour (red instead of blue) - it reminded me of superman now, red and blue
Anyway, today, we have to brief all the ministries and departments about the payment process. Hopefully they all understand and comply very quickly so that you can get your new salary. And if your payment is late, ask your bahagian gaji why, please? And don't blame us....

PS. I managed to upload the photographs from last night's banquet.


Anonymous said…
Yummy dinner Sir!And have a profitable day yeah...
Anonymous said…
is it true that the increment is just up to december 2006?

i just don't understand how these increments work in the government and does people in the B3 group receives these increment?
no, it will be part of your salary forever.

increments are just annual salary increases. you normally get an annual salary increase once a year on the anniversary of your appointment or promoition. in this case, you are given acclerated increments equal to working 2 years if in division 2 and so on. yes, people in b3 receive those increments.
Anonymous said…
Ok thanks BR, its just that from where i work our increment process are different i wonder if we also get these acclerated increments...hmm...if so...siuk jua hehe

by the way B3 is part of Division 2 or Division 3?
Anonymous said…
"All July payments will be manual, so that means out of 60,000 civil servants, the chances of July payments will be late is unfortunately very high"


we have 60,000 civil servants? is the police and army included in this figure? thanks
Anonymous said…
So these increments are for people who WORK for the government? How about the people who get widow's benefits from the government? Do they get an increment as well?

Thanks for the info on all that is happening in Brunei. Lovely site!
b3: yes, in the government service B3 is the top end of division 2 just below division 1

civil service size: about 50,000+ is the number including army and police. i rounded that to 60,000

widows' benefits: the announcement is for current civil service (in the service at 15th July 2006) - so it also excludes those who will be appointed later into the civil service and other recipients as well
Anonymous said…
Does it also mean that new civil servants will also be moved up the same number of increments or do they start form wherever they are supposed to be?

I wonder if civil servants who get promoted, say next year, and are lucky enough to be backdated will get similar increments?

Overall I think people are happy but I think it just brings us closer to the salaries of division 1 officers
Anonymous said…
yeah and if it's late, don't blame the people working at TAFIS either!
Anonymous said…
yeahhh!!! eventhough we're not working under the government our management are also reviewing whether us the locals should probably get the same accelerated increment, hopefully we will though :)

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