Snooping for Information

The other day I had a diplomat pay a courtesy call on me asking me whether this bruneiresources.blogspot is mine. I didn't realise the diplomatic intel community knew of my existence but I guess it's not that hard to put two and two together. So I guess, this blogsite will get regular monitorings by the diplomatic people as well. Hmmmm... Anyway, welcome to all of you.

I was looking through my visitors' logs - most of you don't realise but I can tell where you actually come from, how long you spent reading this site, when you came and to those people from my agency - yes, I know some of you are reading this during office hours instead of working. I also have access to the ISP addresses of every single visitor and can if I really really want to (probably including trips to get permission from the court) to ask your ISP providers who you are. But rest assured, It's too much of a hassle and I am not bothered and I don't even keep track, I could if I wanted to but I would rather spend the time doing other things. But I would suggest you be very careful when you visit other websites, you could be monitored. It's very easy to leave electronic footprints behind.

The other thing that I always find fascinating is how readers come over to this blogsite. Most are on automatic setting. I know most of you regular visitors already have set this blogsite address as part of your bookmarks. But that makes the occassional visitors that stray in, the more interesting. A number of stray ins use yahoo or google search. Most deliberately search for BR and of course, I can say with pride, a search for BR will deliver this blogsite or my actual website as top of the results.

But there are times when the searchers were looking for something else but somehow or rather end up here. Some searches are innocuous like 'interesting places in Brunei' or 'kampung ayer'. Two very recent interesting search phrases which resulted on the visit to BR were a little bit ominous. One was a search from an African country, Ni***** well known for its scam e-mails searching for 'current e-mail addresses of shopowners in Brunei Darussalam' and another from a middle east country, Isr***, also well-known for something, for 'Brunei's enemies'. I have a bad feeling about that person from that African country but I am not one to speculate why would someone from that middle east country want to search for Brunei's enemies. Perhaps my newly discovered friends from the diplomatic corps can help me out here.

So, what's today's topic? Nothing. I am resting today. So if you are really desperate for something to read, there are lots of other non-Brunei related materials especially recycled old jokes for you to read on my other blogsite at See you there. And see you here tomorrow. Maybe I will have something up for you. Maybe. Depends on my mood really. Maybe....


Anonymous said…
Heh. Wow now you know who's your readership. I guess have to read you blog after work. I guess reading your blog give an insight of interesting stuff. Its part of learning. Government Servants are allowed to read and learn something anyhow they can right? Reading it during Coffee Break is no harm right? Rather than hours in the canteen, I rather be in the office, seeping my cup of tea and read your blog. I did learn a few things from your site. I remember one time when you blog about 'Modern Technology and Horses' Asses'. That really crack me up and Im a keen reader ever since. Well I guess has yet to come.
i never said you can't read during office hours, hehe.... anyway, i never save the visitors' logs so it just gets written over all the time. i just check it every now and then to read search phrases to give me a flavour what kind of information that people are looking for - and give me pointers what to write next.

maybe i ought to recycle that modern technology and horses' asses thing one of these days.
Anonymous said…
Reading BR during officehours, hehe u caught me redhanded :)
Anonymous said…
"Modern Technology and Horses' Asses'"....sounds interesting hehehe...

But now the 'real' question: were those new friends you made from 'our' diplomatic corps or from 'other' diplomatic corps?

In any case you are doing a dang fine job! Keep it up!!
there are some interesting blogs in my earlier site at i may recycle it one day on this sit.

that particular diplomat was from one of our neighbouring countries - true blue diplomat.

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