Expensive Brunei Stamps

Not many things can make me go gaga. But the sight of this stamp on ebay certainly does the trick. This $5 stamp overprinted by the Japanese during the Second World War is worth a fortune. I tell you it's a fortune. At the moment, the opening bid for it is US$1,099.95 and so far no one has bid. But if I know the ebayers, wait till the last minute, someone will snap this up.

This is the other one also on at the same time. This 6 cent red overprinted Japanese occupation is currently open for bidding from US$699.95. The last time I tried to bid for this, it disappeared at around US$700+. But that figure is now the starting pay.

If you don't want to buy any other Brunei stamps, then get these two. You will not regret them.


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