Brunei Otters

A couple of months back, one of my junior colleagues took this photograph from his office. He has a nice office on the sixth floor of the MOD Building. That office overlooked the Highway and the airport as well as the huge canal flowing next to the highway. We have actually taken a boatride along that canal all the way from Kampong Ayer. When he first showed me this photograph, I was not sure what I was seeing. But when I cropped up the photograph. See, if you can recognise the animals.

Caught me by surprise too. I did not realise that there are otters living in our rivers. That means that the Brunei wildlife is more varied than I thought and to see a family of otters which honestly I have not seen in Brunei other than watching them on television even surprised me till now.

That really means we have to take care of our environment. We don't know what else is there that we inadvertently destroy in our haste to modernise.


Bruneian Dollar said…
Whoa! Otters. That is seriously mind blowing! Come to think of it, why don't we have some geologists or rangers to go into the woods? Collect all the animals, put them into a zoo and preserve wildlife? Is it the funding or there's no one up for the task? O.o
Jin Yang said…
sorry but i don't think collecting animals and putting them into a zoo is the way to 'preserve wildlife'..

but wow i'm surprised too!
. said…
Otters! That's so cool! I thought otters needed a cold climate because from what I knew.. otters could only be found in Canada..

In an unrelated but interesting situation, there's this horrible man who insulted our dear Sultan.. here's a link..
Unknown said…
great that they managed to catch a picture, I saw 4 otters at the side of the kiulap roundabout (near the polis post) last week, wondering if it would be the same batch.. according to my dad there has always been otters in the sungai kedayan area... i hope that we can keep our rivers clean to ensure the otters can live in the wild
Animal Lover said…
I loveee... otters, they are so cute. I myself saw one at the roadside of Kota Batu. It was the first time in my life to be able to see it live.

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