Labuhan Kapal and Sungai Tekuyung

Yesterday during the 100 Years of Modern Land Administration Symposium, also held on the sidelines was a small exhibition of previous land related items. These are the cadastral equipment used to measure the size of land etc and also related old documents.

[The forerunner to today's electronic calculator]

[Really old land document]

[Minister looking at old land documents]

What we found interesting is that the first land title was at Labuhan Kapal. Labuhan Kapal is where the wharf is currently. Though yesterday someone argued that it is where the food stalls are rather than at the wharf. If you searched for an old photo of the Labuhan Kapal somewhere in this blogsite, you will find it. What I found interesting was the boundaries of that particular land. The boundary was Sungai Tekuyung. Sungai Tekuyung is somewhere where I live which is in Kilanas. That can't be right. If that is right, that would be a really huge piece of land. So, somewhere along the wharf, there used to be a small stream called Sungai Tekuyung. I would really love to know where that is.

Incidentally, another document also showed the first land as part of the Town Title. So Lot No.1 is at the corner of Jalan Residency and Jalan Kianggeh which is the Jasra Harrison building.

I am not sure whether the small exhibition is on today. But if it is, it would be worthwhile for you to go to the 5th Floor of Kiulap Plaza Hotel just to see the documents. You would not have the opportunity otherwise.


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