Brunei $100 1988

How many people remember this $100 note? Not many I am sure.

All these while, all my other notes collection was growing, I only had two pieces of this $100 note. On the internet too, especially on ebay, this is rarely available. On the current ebay, there is one currently available note with a price of about US$260. I was quite surprised the other day when my nephew said someone deposited a few pieces. I rushed to see him and saw 6 of these notes in varying condition. The worst was badly folded but the best was in the EF category. If you managed to get hold of one, keep it. It may not be worth as much as the Begawan note but I am sure that will change. You just can't find these notes.

This is one of the least remembered paper money that Brunei had ever produced. It was produced around 1988 to 1990. Many people remembered the older $100 of Sultan Omar Ali and of the earlier Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. Those two were the large notes. Those two were replaced by this $100 notes.

However this is also one of the most counterfeited notes. I am sure that led to the decision to remove this and replaced the note with a newer (brown) $100 paper notes and that too has now been replaced with the polymer $100 note.


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