Brunei Statistics 2008

What is the GDP of Brunei Darussalam? What is the amount of rainfall in Brunei? What is the maximum and minimum degrees over the last five years? How many teachers are there in Brunei? What is the value of our exports? Or our imports? How many Dewan Bahasa book members are there? How many criminal cases were handled by the police? What is our road casualties? How many dentists are there? Or Doctors? Or Nurses? How about pharmacists? What is the leading cause of death in Brunei? How about the top 10 leading causes?

This green book produced by the Statistics Department of the Economic Planning and Development Department can tell you all those statistics and many more other stats that you ever want to know or not want to know. This is the most useful book if you ever need to do a time series analysis of any data.

The latest book is the 2008 edition and I got mine a couple of weeks ago courtesy of my colleague at the PMO. It costs a miserly $8 for the amount of wealth that you can get from it. You can get it direct at the Economic Planning and Development Department at their Ong Sum Ping office.

Incidentally, the GDP for Brunei for 2008 is $20.4 billion which works out to be $51,251 per capita. In 2008, our population of 398,000 suffered a recession as the GDP contracted by 1.9%. The silver lining is that the non-oil sector expanded by 2.4% but the oil-sector contracted by 6.3%. Caveat, the GDP is only one measure but not the whole measure about the economy.


Anonymous said…
Does the book only provide statistical data regarding Brunei's Economy? Does it also provide Brunei's employment rate? General and by gender? I would appreciate if you could let me know thank you :)

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