Would you pay US$250,000 for this?

I was surprised when I saw this item on e-bay. The note being auctioned is the lower one. Someone in Malaysia is auctioning this note for US$250,000!

His description of the note is this:-

"Brunei 1967 sultan P-1 $1 dollar note with obverse colour missing and appeared on reverse variety.the obverse colour is missing on obverse side and appeared on reverse side of the note,probably the obverse side colour is printed on reverse side and reserve side colour is printed on observe side of the note paper by the printer.i compare both of the normal and variety notes together showing on the pictures below,top(normal)bottom(variety),what you see is what you get,judge it by yourself.i think it is certainly very unique and rare.the note is in superb extra fine condition,uncirculated note,both notes will sell together.you can give me an offer for this item,any offer is welcomed.i accept paypal only and will ship worldwide,local bidder can personally self collect from me,cash and carry method.insurance is included.thank you for viewing.goodluck and happy buying."

This maybe rare but whether it's worth US$250,000 certainly depends on how deep your pocket is and your willingness to spend your money on this. What I do know is that back in the 1960s and 1970s, quality control was not as precise as it is today. I asked a former Secretary of the Brunei Currency Board as I have with me a bunch of $10 notes and the colours ranged from red to pink. He said that with different shipments, sometimes come different range of colours. Similarly to the $1 note above is certainly due to imperfections at printing.

However since notes are printed in sheets, if this note is printed imperfectly, then there is a whole sheet of these notes with the same imperfection at least. So it is possible that there are other notes out there with the same imperfection. If you do have US$250,000 to spare - all the best to you.

PS. By late evening, this particular item was taken out from the auction by ebay. Not only was the auction taken out by ebay, the auctioner seemed to have been taken out by ebay as well.


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