Riot at Bangkok

This AP photograph showing situation at Bangkok Airport is quite scary. More than 4,000 passengers are now stranded there. This new airport handled more than 700 flights a year and last year handled around 40 million passengers! It is the world's 18th busiest airport. My family was supposed to have gone to Bangkok next Monday to visit our niece who is working there at the Brunei Embassy. Since this news came out, we were advised not to go to Bangkok until situation there has improved.

Our Ministry's DPS and the head honcho of PWD plus a few engineers are attending an Engineering Conference in Bangkok at the moment. They were supposed to return back to Brunei this Sunday. He sent me an sms yesterday about the situation and are now finding alternative means of returning home. Our own Royal Brunei Airlines flight to Bangkok was cancelled yesterday. I think the other airports in Thailand are opened, so it may mean a few hours drive away from Bangkok, then only will the visitors may be able to leave Thailand. Let's pray that our Brunei people will be safe during this troubled times.


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