A Ghostly Tale

I arranged for all the senior people from Minister to Directors for a breakout executive session next week. We will be staying at Batang Duri for an overnight stay for a team building session as well as leadership and strategic planning session. Since the announcement, I have heard a number of stories about Belalong which I have to tell the story tellers that we are not going to Belalong but only to Batang Duri. That spoiled the fun as nobody has come up with stories about Batang Duri. Anyway, I heard this story the other day as part of a too many spooky tales this week and I thought I will tell it here as it is the most interesting I heard.

There was this elderly couple, husband and wife driving quite late at night. It was drizzling. While driving they saw a young lady standing on the roadside and they debated whether to stop and help her. The wife against but the husband was sympathetic. Since it was the husband who was driving, he stopped.

The lady got in and they asked where she wanted to go. She said a name of a place further down the road. Both husband and wife was surprised but should not be really, there was nothing in the place that the young lady wanted to go other than a graveyard. Since she was already in the car, all they can do was drive.

As they get nearer the place, the wife got more nervous. She was scolding her husband in a hushed tone for picking the young lady up. As they get nearer, there was a bad smell emanating in the car and it got progressively worse. She dare not turn around. The wife was beside herself being scared and she started to speak to her husband about her fears and the bad smell and who actually is sitting in the back seat. The husband laughed and told her not to worry about the smell. He had been having stomach trouble and had been releasing his gas!



stormtrooper said…
That one is a classic! As good as Knock! Knock! Who's There kinda joke.

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