Padian and Pengalu 1954

Old Brunei photograph. This means I am back in good old Brunei. This photograph comes from the Brunei Annual Report of 1954. So this photograph was taken when the town wharf was still active with padians and pengalus selling their wares.

I remembered writing about the Pengalu when I was in Moscow. Some of my Golden Legacy articles were written when I travelled abroad. It fulfills my evenings especially when you are in a country where the only thing to watch on TV is CNN and in some cases CNN with BBC. Moscow was not exactly a place you can go out easily all by yourself. But neither is their internet charges friendly so you can't surf the net when you stay in. Mine cost around US$45 per whole day session. My recent stay in Nanjing was 60 Yuan a day so that makes it around $15 our money a day which is reasonable. Singapore's Hyatt Hotel charges around $35 a day.


nickysam said…
The padian and pengalu worked together, but today there are a few padian around. Early photographs showed ships dropping anchor at the Kampong Ayer area and that where the wharf is currently located was used as a gathering place for padians and pengalus.
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Anonymous said…
Assalamualaikum empunya blognya. Saya ingin meminta izin untuk mengambil gambar yang berkaitan dengan padian yang biskita pamerkan dalam blog biskita ini sebagai bahan kajian saya. Thank you also for the interesting post about Padian. Mohon izin ah..

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