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I was on the way from the Trandie Marina Resort, Batang Duri Temburong where we held our ministry's leadership and strategic planning session, when the sms from Cuboiart came through my phone. In Trandie Marina, you cannot receive any call as there was no DST signal. We had to drive a few miles away before you can get any mobile phone reception.

Anyway, on the way to the mosque for the Friday prayer, I had a few sms which arrived the moment my phone was able to receive messages. One of them was Cuboiart's telling me that the cartoon was now in print in Borneo Bulletin. I knew about the cartoon much earlier as I asked Cuboiart whether he can draw me a cartoon which I wanted to keep for myself about BR. When he sent me the cartoon, I laughed my head off and thought to myself, there is no way Borneo Bull was going to accept this as the cartoon was too focused. But Cuboiart tried and there you are. It got printed.

Thanks Cuboiart!!!


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