SMS Results

I love Cuboiart. His cartoon is succint and really really straight to the point. This one came out yesterday on Borneo Bulletin. How do you copy sms results?

With MOE's recent service of getting sending sms to parents to get exam results, many parents are now able to get their children's results much faster. The only downside to this is that you don't know anyone else's results. Which is good. But being kiasu parents, there is always this nagging curiousity of how well your child did against other children. Not to mention, one of my colleagues was saying that there is also a downside to sms results. His heart goes kabak-kabak everytime the sms signal was heard.

Congratulations to all who passed their PSR!


daniel said…
Talking abt PSR results, I got a friend whose 1st kid got 5A, 2nd kid got 5A, 3rd kid got 5A, 4th kid got 4A 1B, 5th kid got 5A, and recently 6th kid got 5A as well. They are not sitting the exam altogether at the same year though...I asked him wats the secret, he said der is no secret he just asked them to be consistent and to study smart thats all.

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