Brunei Street Directory 2008

If you have never heard of Brunei having its own street directory or if the last Brunei Darussalam's Street Directory copy that you have still have the photograph of our Deputy Minister, Dato Dr Mat Suny when he was the Deputy MD of BSP, then you are really in need of a new one.

Or have you heard of Jalan Dakula, named after the son of Sultan Abdul Mubin who was taken to Sulu and came back to seek the throne, or Jalan Belangkas which is the translation of that interesting sea creature Horse Shoe Crab, or Jalan Kalamasi which I have alwayst thought meant lime orange in Tagalog after the word Kalamansi or Jalan Keshav Tamang, which I am sure many readers would love to know who he is - the point is if you want to know about where all these places are, look it up at the new Brunei Darussalam Street Directory which contains all the road maps for the urban areas of Brunei Darussalam.

This book was launched yesterday and became the country's second street directory book. The previous one was published by Brunei Shell twelve years ago. This current edition is published by Brunei Press with the cooperation of Survey Department and Universiti Brunei Darussalam. The cartographer for this directory is actually an Australian-Polish cartographer who is a Senior Lecturer at the Geograpy Department at UBD by the name of Dr. Kazimierz Becek. He actually went through every single simpang in Brunei with a GPS to certify the existence and location of them.

The publication I have been told by Brunei Press people during the launch yesterday cost twice more than the selling price. They made enough from the adverts and that's why the directory is being sold for $14.90 from today onwards (we got it for a 10% discount yesterday). I really would go out there and get a copy. In fact, get several copies and put them in your many cars. That way when you and the wife or the husband go out to Kampong Mentiri for a wedding, you would know where Jalan A or B or C or D is, or if you go to Rimba or Lambak Kanan, you would know that Jalan 99 can be found in both settlements.


Brunei Foodies said…
or you might want to invest in one of these. the brunei map loaded is very up-to-date. a friend bought one of these and we've been "playing" with it since. it marks all the landmarks, atms, schools, etc., you can even mark kota kinabalu and it'll calculate for you the distance and will guide you verbally on which way to go! even the simpang at the lambak kanan perumahan are correct! trust us, we had a thorough run on this baby just to find fault and so far we found none!

so maybe we think we know our way around brunei and have no use for it, but trust me, when raya comes and you need to find that house in perumahan rimba, this will so come in handy.

this book is a good idea but i think it should be a step furthur than just making it available online or dvd.
Brunei Foodies said…
so the golden question is, how did a map with such detailed can be viewed in 2d/3d option on a mini gadget when this detailed book is only released to day?

btw, the map Brunei fits on a 1GB memory card which also includes the Singapore and Malaysian maps!
Al-Qadr said…
Cool, Mr BR! Your blog should be given some token of appreciation in cash or in kind for promoting the "BSD 2008", BRo...;)

Pretty soon Bruneian cars equipped with GPS could use touch-screen maps for easier directions on the move, eh? Why not incorporate Sabah, Sarawak and Kalimantan (Indonesia) road maps as well?

WOW! Whichever ICT company could come up with such hi-tech gadgets could reap real big profits, man. It'd boost both "Heart of Borneo" Tourism and BIMP-EAGA projects!:)
Ezal said…
Why don't they make street GPS instead... That will be better, with date to date updates.. I thought that they going to make a GPS.. but it's a book... It's taken time and time long to search where were you located in the book (in case you don't know where you are).
Peter said…
Sorry, I just come from Brunei (aug 2012): I asked in lots of bookstores and shops: the atlas is nowhere in Brunei for sale ,because the publisher withdrew all the copies. Perhaps has still a copy in stock. Also hardly anyone drives with a navigationdevice because they only drive the known roads and paths. I wanted to get one because I'll use it for my new GEOportal; view:

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