The Bloodied Crown

This is Pulau Cermin. Pulau Cermin is the site and scene of the book that I read on Friday and for the article I am publishing today.

I spent my Friday reading a book entitled 'Mahkota Berdarah' loosely translated as 'The bloodied Crown'. It took a long time for me to find this book. I read it about 35+ years ago and I remembered it contained a lot of information that I needed to write my article to be published today in Brunei Times. One of my officers helped me borrow the book through a colleague of his from the Museum Library. Thanks you guys!

Mahkota Berdarah is a novel written by Yura Halim. It is the one and only book so far that I know, written about the Brunei Civil War in the 17th century. I have written a short entry about the civil war in this blogsite more than a year ago in April 2007. The link is here if you want to know a bit more about the war and the two Sultans.

If you want to know a lot more about the Civil War, get the book. You can borrow it from the Dewan Bahasa. I checked, it is there. The book is not easily read as it is written in Brunei Malay and old spelling. It is not that the new Malay spelling is any easier, it is easier to read as you get used to it already. But the book does provide much more than you would ever get from a history book. I have to thank Yura Halim for his imagination in making that episode of Brunei's history that much more alive.

But ify ou want to know just enough about the civil war, the article is out today on Brunei Times. So if you are reading this and wanting to know more about the Civil War, get today's Brunei Times.


حسنه said…
Salam. What a coincidence! I also wrote about the Brunei Civil War in my blog on the same day - last Friday! Just that, my post is much simpler than yours. Anyways, thanks for the superb info about Brunei. It really helped me a lot when I was in Japan last 2 months. Syukran!! Oh and I look fwd to seeing more posts about history :D
Jewelle said…
I just read your earlier posting on Pulau Cermin and now I know the detail of the story that led to one of Sabah's current problem.

Nevertheless, this is interesting history and I am thinking of getting the book you mentioned although am not sure my Malaysian Malay will understand much.
vivienateng said…
hello blogger,

could you please email me at i wish to further discuss about the old sultanate with you privately and personally.

best regards.

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