History Lessons

We are preparing for another 'penyerahan kunci' for those who have been given houses under the National Housing Program or the Skim Tanah Kurnia Rakyat Jati. Normally there is one dress rehearsal where everyone gets to practise greeting His Majesty. In most cases these 'penyerahan' are held at a nearby school near the area. His Majesty normally makes a visit to that school before visiting the houses, ketua kampongs and economic activities around the area.

When we took the tour around the school, I was quite curious to see that this school has a historical resources room. I quickly looked round and found that almost most photographs I have put up here and on my main website have been downloaded and printed and placed on the room's walls. The photos even have my reference website www.bruneiresources.com. I must admit I felt a little proud having contribute something to Brunei's education even if it is only old photographs. So, if there are anymore history school teachers reading this blog, you don't need my permission to download those photographs - take them as long as you use them for your history lessons. And do let me know, what else do you want to see? Or read?


Anonymous said…
it was our school you visited.. Thank you :))

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