Transfers and Promotions

There has been so many appointments and transfers among Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and Deputy Permanent Secretaries over the last few days that it is hard to keep track. But just in case you missed out, here they are:-

Cabinet Ministers
Minister of Industry & Primary Resources - Pehin Dato Haji Yahya (formerly Energy)
Minister of Culture, Youth & Sports - Pehin Dato Ahmad Jumat (formerly Industry)
Minister of Energy at PM's Office - Pehin General Muhammad (formerly Culture)

Permanent Secretaries (PS)
Prime Minister's Office - Hj Murni Mohammad (formerly Acting DPS, PMO)
Prime Minister's Office - Pg Dato Paduka Othman (formerly PS, Foreign Affairs)
Prime Minister's Office - Hj Abd Aziz Yusof (formerly DPS, PMO)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Hj Irwan Pehin Yusof (formerly DPS, Foreign Affairs)
Ministry of Health - Dato Hj Abd Salam Momin (formerly Deputy Private Secretary HM)
Ministry of Home Affairs - Dato Hj Sharbini Ali (formerly PS, Health)
Ministry of Religious Affairs - Hj Mahadi Pehin Rahman (formerly PS, Home Affairs)

Deputy Permanent Secretaries (DPS)
Prime Minister's Office - Dr Affendy Pehin Abidin (formerly Director General Medical)
Ministry of Communications - Hj Mutalib Pehin Yusof (formerly Act Director EGovt)

Auditor General - Hj Mahadi Ibrahim (formerly Deputy Accountant General)

Congratulations to everyone.


stormtrooper said…
I think the youngest among the promoted was Mutalib at 37ish. Is he the youngest ever?
rina said…
How come there is no female in the list ?


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