Rentak 914

It's not very often we get Brunei singers on CD. We have Hans Anuar and Maria but not much else. I remembered a couple of months back that RTB did produce a compilation of songs sung by Brunei singers. During the Halal Expo opening, I met the RTB big boss and asked him whether that compilation is still available and how was it compiled.

He said it is available for volume 2. Volume 1 has sold out. Each CD cost $15.00. RTB gets nothing for producing it and all the proceeds go to charity. It seemed that RTB gets unsolicited hundreds of songs produced and sung by Bruneians. The RTB folks go through them, choose a few which are really good and every so often will play them on air. If it is really good, then they get to stay on the air. Now RTB compiles the best ones into a CD. This one is called Rentak 914 from the Pelangi Network 91.4FM.

It is still available and I understand that Volume 1 will be made available again soon. So go to RTB and grab the both of them. You get to hear the likes of the best of young Brunei singers - Zul F, Ecah, Ak Amilin, Putri Norizah, D Fyn Boyz, Hans Anwar, Maria, Avantgarde, Juju, Adi, Lo Rider, Milin, Dk Salbiah, Hikari 8, Bombay, Faisal and Posesssif 79.


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