Heteronim and Homogram

I discovered this publication by Dewan Bahasa Brunei by accident. I found it in the gift bag during the launch of the Brunei Geography website the other day. I was not able to attend it but someone kindly gave me the souvenir gift bag anyway. When I opened it, it had a number of books including this one. Since this is the 7th in the series and it is produced half annually, this publication must have been first published about 3 or 4 years ago.

What's so good about it? For some, it may be dull. It's full of articles about the Malay language. But for me, that's what so good about it. The articles are just nicely sized and full of important things that I need to know or may not to know but useful to know about just the same. There are 12 articles inside this one but each article is about 500 words long which is very manageable. For instance there is this article about Heteronim and Homogram. Heteronim is the same word, spelt the same but pronounced differently. For example, 'semak', (1) Sila semak kerja awak; (II) Rumah kosong itu dipenuhi semak. What this homogram means? Homogram are for words which are different but meaning the same. See, you learn something everyday.

I do hope DBP is able continue this sytle of publication as well as this particular publication.


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