Sungai Kedayan circa 1920

This postcard, believe it or not is close to 100 years old!

This postcard issued around the 1910s/1920s of Sungai Kedayan in Brunei around the same period. I first saw this at one of Brunei's antique dealers who specialises in books and maps. He was selling it for around B$600.00. That postcard has been there with him for so long and I knew it quite well. Anyway, it finally popped up in ebay and I won it not as expensive as B$600 but at around US$122 which is not so bad.

This is actually not a colour postcard. The ability to do colour postcards were only available around 1940s. What this is, is actually a monochrome (black and white) photograph and colour spots were later added on to give it the effect of full colour. However you can't get any coloured photograph one way or another and this indeed is a very rare collection.

This currently can be considered the most valuable of all of my deltiologist collection. I have a series of three other postcards from the same era. One is a native Kedayan and two of scenes from Brooketon (Muara) both in the 1920s. Over the next four days, I will blog on these four postcards.


myNBstamps said…
Is this a Sanbride postcard as seen by logo of church steeple at the back?

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