Yesterday, I was sitting in the National Housing Committee. We were going through the appeals of quite a number of applicants who had earlier been rejected because they had a piece of land under their names. The rules of the housing program is that no one who is given a house under the program should have no land of their own. Of course, that does not stop many people who technically had no land but will have their land handed down to them after they got a house under the housing program. I am not going to go through all that. That deserved an entire blog to itself. Those discovered owning land can appeal especially if their piece of land cannot be developed like being in the middle of the jungle with no facilities etc.

What I wanted to do is to bring a light relief. Yesterday, when we went through this inches thick documents, I saw this interesting occupation written by the applicant.

Cipkalak? What kind of job is Cipkalak? It took quite a while to dawn on us that he meant Chief Clerk.

The other occupation was Sawahta Aport. Again it took quite a while to dawn that he meant Sawasta Airport or Private Company at Airport. It's not a job but a description of who he was.

But Cipkalak has to take the cake!


Anonymous said…
sad to say that the system itself is open to abuse. I know as a matter of fact that there are many of those who "legally" do not have their own land registered under their names but have a clear beneficial interests in land registered under someone else- stercus accidit

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