Capitol Cinema, Kuala Belait?

Today I need the help of people who lived in Kuala Belait in the 1950s and I really do need your help as this postcard if it is not showing The Capitol cinema of the 1950s in Kuala Belait means that this postcard is worth nothing to me.

According to most people I talked to, the cinema in Kuala Belait was called the Capital. But when I checked Shaw's Website, this is what it says

"In Sabah and Sarawak, the Shaws ran the Capitol (previously Renee's Hall) and Grand cinemas in Miri; Kings, Liberty, Capitol and Tai Koon theatre in Sandakan, New Gaiety in Papar, Beaufort Hall in Beaufort and Labuan Hall in Labuan. In Brunei, the Shaws operated the Capitol in Kuala Belait."

So can I please ask all the blog readers whose parents were originally from Kuala Belait to ask them, is this the photograph of the Capitol in Kuala Belait all those years ago?


Faiq said…
Assalamu'alaikum Mr BR it has the Kedah flag on the window. could it be in Brunei though?
View from NY said…
Dear BR, I can't comment if the cinema was the one in KB, but the flag outside the window is a Republic of China (Taiwan) flag, which would seem peculiar to me.
KBian said…
Hi I've asked my dad who was born in 1952 and loved going for movies when he was young. He told me that the cinema in the postcard was not the one that he used to go.
Anonymous said…
The chinese name also not the same.
Anonymous said…
Salaam Mr BR. If you're still looking, I found the location of this building. Check out this post.

Hope that helps or maybe not.
Anonymous said…
As one who was born and raised in Kuala Belait, I can confirm that the building in the photo is not the Capital theatre of Kuala Belait that we used to go to in the 50s up to the 70s

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