Commenting on the Comments

I have not been keeping up with the comments on the CBox. So I thought I will spend time answering some of the latest comments.


10 May 10, 21:01
Din: Mr BR, how much did it cost to 'print' a Bruneian coin with a face value of 1 cent during the reign of Sultan Hashim?

BR: I wish I knew. No, I have not gone that deep into researching about it but it is certainly a subject that I may visit one day.


10 May 10, 11:22
Jogger: Do you happen to have a map of Taman Rekreasi Menteri Besar?

BR: I will check with the JASTRE people and see if I can post it here.


9 May 10, 21:48
AwgB: *BEDB housing
9 May 10, 21:47
AwgB: Salam Mr BR, would like to knw d diff betwn MOD & BDEB housiing projects.? Why Brunei has two hsing prjks?

BR: There is only one government housing project, the National Housing Program or in Malay, Rancangan Perumahan Negara. Housing Development Department is responsible for building and distributing the houses and because of the demands, BEDB has been tasked to help the government in building more houses. The distribution of both houses will be given to all RPN applicants. In addition, PWD builds houses under the STKRJ program (Skim Tanah Kurnia Rakyat Jati).


8 May 10, 21:51
Intrigued: May I ask, what do you think are the major issues facing Brunei today? I would love to read a post on that.

BR: I have written about 1,100 post over the last 4 years and have touched on a number of major issues. To write just one post would not justify the seriousness of the issues. But every now and then I do write one serious blog.


8 May 10, 20:12
avidreader: the latest article on cinema. correct me if im wrong. Brunei was in no way involved in the first world war isn't it? how come the would be Boon Pang cinema was destroyed in that era?

BR: It was just destroyed coincidentally during the same time period, it was not destryoed because of the War. I don't have the details of it but I believed it was caused by a fire.


7 May 10, 16:22
TMian: Di sabah misalnya kalu kn meliat bangkatan ani, jauh perjalanan lagi. Ada stakeholder kah dah dibuat bagi proj Kem pembangunan? or undg2 Brunei tidak terpakai untok proj Kerjaan? T Kasih perhatian
7 May 10, 16:19
TMian: 1/2jm dr BSB dapat meliat bangkatan ani. Sudahkah Kem Pembangunan membuat EIA akan projek yg dilakukan?
7 May 10, 16:19
TMian: Assalamualaikum, saja kan tanya. Skrg ada kerja menumbangkan pokok bakau di sg damuan sebelum jambatan bengkurong. Disana tah tempat pelancong meliat PROSBOSCIC mokeys or bangkatan. Unik sal about 1/2

BR: I am not sure what that project is. Around the area are two potential projects, one is the expansion of the Pusat Ehsan and the other is the new Mukim mosque.


5 May 10, 19:28
tenuwan: Mr. Rozan, do you think the book "Collection of Brunei's Traditional Woven Cloth" are still available anywhere else?

BR: I don't think so. You can check with the author, Hajah Kadariah.


5 May 10, 16:50
labuan perception: kpd Din: Labuan dulu pun milik brunei..bukan setakat itu,Sarawak & Sabah pun milik Brunei.dr zaman kesultanan Brunei..kalaula sabah,sarawak n labuan bergabung dibawah brunei..kan bgus..
4 May 10, 16:35
Din: Limbang adalah tanah tulin Sultan Hashim, suatu hari nanti ia akan kembali kepada yang berhak, insyallah.
4 May 10, 16:35
Din: Labuan di rampas oleh Brooke dengan kekerasan.
4 May 10, 16:35
Din: Mana adil! Kedua2 blok itu adalah milik mutlak Brunei. Malaysia kira nasib baik kerana dpt jiran yang baik dan mahu berkongsi dengan mereka. Labuan juga adalah milik mutlak Brunei.
4 May 10, 12:57
labuan perception: aku rsakan psl limbang atu bah baik tah inda pyh lg di rista...psl apa,Malaysia dpt limbang,Brunei Darussalam dpt 2 block minyak...kira adil tah tu kali...sama2 dapat ...jgn tah dikelaiekan...=)

BR: You can check the historical facts in most books about both Labuan and Limbang.


5 May 10, 14:47
WK: People can lie about history but they cannot change history they can only rewrite it.
5 May 10, 14:38
WK: Why is it that we can't find very important history books such as Raja Bongsu - A Bruneian Hero In His Times being kept/sold in Brunei libraries & bookstores? But are kept/sold in other countries.

BR: Only in Select Books in Singapore where they specialise in selling hard to find books. The problem with most Brunei books is that the sale rates are slow. It took me about a year to sell about 500 copies of my Volume 1 book. Now the bookshops wanted me to reprint but I won't. Print too little, it's expensive and print too many, it can't sell. The only place you can buy my Volume 1 is also now at Select Books.



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