Natives on Buffalo

The other day I talked about 4 of Brunei postcards from the 1920 era. I won another two on ebay but getting these two were the hardest. I got a rival who wanted these two postcards as much as I wanted to and he pushed me all the way to about US$800+ for one and US$400+ for the other. I will save showing these two postcards until last.

What I wanted to show was this postcard which I purchased earlier for about US$18.45. When I bought this, I am not sure whether this is a scene in Sabah or Brunei. I assumed it is in Brunei but I could be wrong. If this was indeed Brunei, we will never see this scene anymore.

This postcard is similar to other one that I showed about the Sungai Kedayan. The postcard is a monochrome with splashes of colour added to it in subsequent printing. The accuracy is amazing but at the same time if you see carefully, you can see where the discrepancies where the new colours did not overlay the old monochrome picture right on the spot.


Anonymous said…
I think its not in Brunei but I may be wrong. The house at the background and the fence may give you the clue. The house with its fencing does not seem to look like its location was in Brunei, but then if this was taken many years ago and the location indeed was in Brunei, this may be how a 'kadayan' house look like. Maybe the Brunei Post Office have some info on the location.

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