SOAS Mosque at the Museum

Yesterday, HRH The Crown Prince launched the book commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the SOAS Mosque and also the Exhibition at the Museum in Kota Batu. The book is a fantastic collection of events at the Mosque right from its construction all the way to the various Royal Nikahs that had taken place at the mosque. It is a priceless collection that must be kept in your collection. I know the book is available for sale at the mosques department at the Religious Affairs Ministry and also at Pusat Dakwah. I am not sure how much it will be. I would presume around $50.

The exhibit too is worthwhile going. There are many photographs about the mosque and the events as well as additional exhibits about some of the mosque's artifacts. The exhibition booth is much nicer than the permanent exhibits at the museum, if you ask me. It's a pity that the exhibit will be taken down after a couple of months.

Yesterday too while waiting for the Crown Prince, we were ushered into the new Natural Science exhibits. This is certainly the newest of all the exhibits at the museum. The museum used to have this exhibit but it has been totally revamped now. The hall even has the various whales skeleton, which I suspect used to be the whales that died on our shores the past few years. The exhibits are certainly worthwhile to see especially to see all the various models or rather stuffings of animals that are available in our forests. So, there are a number of reasons for you to drop into the museum. Do that with your kids after the exam period.


Pg Runa said…
in all the fuzz and glorification of SOAS Mosque 50th anniversaries I couldn't resist myself into thinking this mosque is perhaps the oldest in Brunei. If this is true then, this mosque should pointed out as the 'most barakah' mosque in Brunei!

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