Masjid SOAS on Brunei Currency Notes

The 50th Anniversary of Masjid Sultan Omar Ali Exhibits at the Kota Batu Museum had a small exhibit on currency notes. Being a numismatist, I am very much drawn to that particular exhibit. That small exhibit near the staircase of the museum, if you are interested in them, has 10 pieces of currency notes, each of the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien series of 1967 and the first Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah series. The only difference was the photographs of the two Sultans, the rest of the currency notes are identical.

These notes had the Masjid SOAS in the reverse side of the notes. The notation on the exhibits said something along the line that these notes had the photograph of Masjid SOAS. However they missed out on a few other Brunei notes which prominently feature the Masjid SOAS as well. One of the oldest which I thought they missed out was the $500 issued together with the first Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah series. This note is the first $500 note, nowadays we used the polymer $500 note, which is the third $500 note design.

If you noticed, the photograph of Masjid SOAS is as prominent here as it is in the rest of the notes on exhibit at the Museum. I just wanted to point that out.


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