Think BIG

Have you ever thought of winning $20,000 simply by writing? And I am not joking.

I was alerted by iCentre that it is currently running a THINK BIG Business Plan competition. I am not sure what it is but it said that this THINK BIG Business Plan competition is the first ICT focused business plan competition in Brunei Darussalam and to date, it also has the biggest prize money award in the country. The competition is co-organised by BEDB and Asia Inc Forum.

The competition was launched on 27th August 2008 but it is not too late. You have until 20th October 2008 to submit your 3 page executive summary. If you plan to participate, a contestant kit is provided in the iCentre's website at

The top plans will be shortlisted and put through the next round. It is only then that the shortlisted participants will go through two intense workshops conducted by highly qualified practitioners from overseas and a technology forum session to help the participants in formulating the best business plan for the final judgment.

There are two categories - ICT Business Plan and ICT Business Plan for Islamic Application.

Ground rules - you must be 18 at least, it must be your original work, it's opened to almost everyone in Brunei (yellow and purple ICs only), you can take part in both categories and the plans must be submitted by 20th October 2008.

So, go, go get the forms. I can't imagine an easier competition with $20,000 given away. By the way, if you can't get the $20,000, runners ups get $10,000 and $5,000 and the special Islamic Application gets $10,000. My eyes are blinking at all these money prizes.


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