Tailor Home Delivery

This cartoon was posted yesterday in the Borneo Bulletin. It was tucked away somewhere in the inside pages and I was not sure whether everyone saw it. I thought this cartoon was the most hillarious that I have seen very recently.

My sister in law runs or used to run a kedai tukang jahit. Like many tailoring shops, it broke even or make losses in 11 out of 12 months. But in the fasting month, its income made up for the other 11 months. The profit could be higher if it was not for the non collection of baju. Every year, there would be at least a dozen or more baju, generally baju fesyen for the ladies would be left uncollected. These are not the simple baju kurung. These are the ones with the 'katoks' and the 'maniks' and generally cost a bomb to make because of the time it takes to make them.

The material quality is so-so but the requirement that the customer asked for does not justify it. That is of course up to the customer. But when the completed dress cost $200+, it's a lot easier to abandon especially in the run up to Hari Raya. Baju Melayus too are abandoned despite them being much cheaper. Even after repeated phone calls, the customers still don't come. After a few months, normally the uncollected bajus are put up for sale. Even then no one really buys them. Most of these are custom made for their owners and most times do not fit anyone.

So when I saw this cartoon, it connected. The tailors are just trying to make sure that their sleepless nights during Ramadhan are justified. So if you have not collected your baju, go and collect them please. Kesian the tailors (and the shop owners!).


Siti Merdewi said…
LOL..very true. This is the time that tailors are making loads of money regardless of the sleepless nights they have been put through and in the end they made up for the losses compare to when operating during normal days. As a result the tailors will marked-up the cost because they say the boss or the owner rather has to pay them overtime to ensure the bajus are completed ontime ie. before Hari Raya. Tapi baju-baju yang completed after Hari Raya are still charged the same price. Any idea kemana mengomplain ni ah..haha.Sebenarnya banyak lagi kadai jahit, cari tah kadai lain..
CuboiArt said…
Bro. Thanks for doing the highlight. Our 6 yrs old niece, Azeemah, helped to color this cartoon in Photoshop!.. Selamat Hari Raya... Maaf Zahir dan Batin (to the tailors too! haha)

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