Tukang Ripee Kasut & Tukang Penda

Sometime in 2006, I wrote about this which is again recycled from another blog which I wrote in 2005 in my first blogging life at spaces.msn.com. This focused on how bad spelling are coming into our advert spaces. I am not a crusader against bad language but I am still influenced by one professor who said that in the past sapu tangan was known as sapu hidong because that's what it is used for. But when the English came, they translated and used their English version 'handkerchief' which uses 'hand' and eventually our sapu hidong became sapu tangan. So if we don't correct something, use it long enough and it becomes a new word.

Yesterday I came across another howler from Ranz at ranoadidas.com. I have not seen this one personally but this one if true is either taking the mickey out of the Malay/Indian who wrote it or someone out there really needs a lesson in how to spell.

Just in case you have trouble reading, it should read: Untuk Sewa Kereta (Untuk Sewa Pick Up Cheap & Best), Boleh Runding, Your Materials Safely and Faster than Other Transport for Brunei People, Pindah Rumah & Office (House Shifting & Office), Pindah Ice Box & Furnitures (Moving Ice Box & Furniture), New Arrival, 24 Jam Service (24 Hrs Service). Even the address was wrong.


Al-Qadr said…
BRo, I couldn't agree more with you! Even though, I am fasting now but deep inside I am controlling my anger management on this disgusting issue of language mockery. And it is happening rampantly all over the place in our country which clearly has put into law as stated in the State Constitution ("Perlembagaan") that Malay is the Official Language of the Nation ("Bahasa Melayu adalah Bahasa Rasmi Negara"). The Language and Literature Bureau (Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka) in close cooperation with the other relevant authorities e.g. the District Offices (Pejabat Daerah), the Municipal Boards (Lembaga Bandaran), etc or even the Attorney General's Chambers for that nmatter MUST WORK TOGETHER to put an end to this blatant abuse and growing ignorance of our own identity and national heritage that is the Malay language!

I know I should be writing this in Bahasa Melayu but I express myself better in English since I myself am sometimes confused in the Malay usage. So it goes without saying how my own mother tongue is really deteriorating! :( It is bad enough that SMS texting, ranoadidas.com shoutbox chats, etc have worsened the misuse of Malay spellings and English abuse not exempted!), the least we could do is try to maintain and uphold the proper language use in advertisements or signages which are visibly read...
Al-Qadr said…
You see BRo, my own grammar is going from bad to worse. So I'd like to correct my long second sentence: Although I am fasting now, deep inside I am disgusted with the mockery of the Malay language these days. I always remember your good old uncle DM whose principle is KISS! Keep It Sweet and Simple.. Hehehheh :)

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