Wet Market at the Pier

This is not a particularly old postcard. A Bandar scene from the 1990s which has now disappeared completely. I found it at Hua Ho Sengkurong. I guess not many people buy postcards in Sengkurong. This one is showing the pier that used to extend out at Kampong Sultan Lama. This pier was quite popular even when the wet market was in Bandar. People at Kampong Ayer found it much easier to buy wet market products at this pier and then go back home.

This pier became extra popular when the wet market moved to Gadong. People living in the Kampong Ayer and the Bandar area found this wet market to be very useful. You can buy practically anything here, fish, prawns, crabs and vegetables. And then along the pier you get vendors selling dried food items as well as fruits. Though when you think about it, it is quite dangerous as the water is underneath you and you and many hundreds are only standing on planks.


SoulJah said…
I remember this scene during my childhood years. My mother would take me to the wet market area, now, would be located within the road area next to Ideal at Bandar. The whole road leading to the edge of the water would be these long snaking pathways where everything is sold, from fruits and vegetables, fishes and meat, on both sides of the pathway like what you see on the postcard. During Yayasan's development, the pathways was demolised, and rerouted along the last green house that's standing nearest to the edge of the water now. Along this path, a big structure was built, an elongated octagonal in shape, where people would sell fish there.

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