Plot X

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A few years ago I was helping my father build a house on a previously vacant land. So we brought in the surveyors. When it was completed, I asked where the stone markers were. Two of them was easy to find, I could not find the other two until the surveyors showed me two circles in the middle of the road. Apparently there was no access road going through all the lands in the area. So what has been done was that a road was built across everyone's lands so that everyone can have an access going out. We all thought that the area taken for the road was so small that it was just amal jariah on everyone's part and nobody thought about compensation.

It was later on that I realised that there were many more lands owned by other people affected in other areas. Some who were unlucky had lots of areas taken from them to the point that they could not develop the land anymore. As the government got more sophisticated, actual land titles were issued for these so called development areas used as road reserves, drainage etc. These were called Plot X in our technical jargon. These created big problems especially for the land owners concerned. It was a bit too expensive to start talking about amal jariah in their case.

I was very glad when our ministry was able to solve all these Plot X problems when we got the green light to deal with Plot X. The solution comes in 3 forms. If the area taken can be compensated by giving government areas adjacent to the land affected, then that would be the easiest. A new land title with a new area will be issued. If there is no government land adjacent to compensate for the area taken, then it will be dependent on how much of your land was taken. If the area size was smaller than 0.167 acre, then the government will work out a compensation. If it is bigger, than a new piece of land will be replaced for the area taken.

If your or your parents' lands were affected, then I would suggest that you go to the Land Office so that they can work out the compensation for the loss.


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