Brunei's $5 Note 1995

I recently bought a book about Brunei published around the 1980s. Fitzpatrick or later renamed Smart used to sell it. Of course at that time, we did not want to buy it. But now the book has a value. The book was relatively modern but it does show a number of changes that Brunei has undergone over the last 20 odd years. But I was most surprised when I saw the photo above. It shows a Kampong Ayer on Pulau Pepatan. So it is strictly not Kampong Ayer proper. I remembered this scene very well as I know it appeared on one of Brunei's older currency notes. I also a philatelist on top of everything else, so it is one of the few things I know quite well.

And here it is. Part of the photograph forming the illustration of 1995 series of $5 notes. Most of this currency series took their illustrations from one of the postcards or more relatively known photographs. I have written about a few in the past.

For those still wondering which $5 note I am talking about, here it is.


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