Wanderer in Malaysian Borneo

It's Sunday. So, what do we do on Sundays other than attend weddings? Right! Off to Miri. Most people go to Miri because it is so near what with the bridge in Rasau and the bridge bypassing Baram. Most have forgotten the time when going to Miri was as bad as going to KK. There used to be a ferry at Kuala Belait and I remembered when I stayed at my grandfather's house along Jalan Singa Menteri, the queue for the ferry can stretch for a few kilometers.

I have forgotten about that time until I read the opening chapter of this book entitled "Wanderer in Malaysian Borneo" written by Pengembara (real name Gallop). A couple of years back he wrote about wandering in Brunei. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email a few weeks ago when he wrote to me asking for my address as he wanted to post me his latest book. I devoured the book as soon as it arrived.

The book contained Pengembara's Borneo Bulletin articles about his visit to Sarawak and Sabah while he was still based in Brunei (he taught in Tutong). The articles had aged slightly being mostly written in the early 1990s. But they do give wonderful insights about the places that he had gone - from the depths of Mulu Caves to the heights of Kinabalu. It's a wonderful read. The book is a wonderful read. I have no idea how much it cost - probably in the region of $10 but it is $10 well worth spending. If you don't want to buy this book, get the other one - Wanderer in Brunei Darussalam.


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