Brunei Break-ins

Yesterday was a most eventful day. Despite my new job title, I still had to carry out the inspection of the customs officers parade for the International Customs Day celebration 2008 as I had already agreed to do it months before. I have never inspected a parade before and it was quite fun really as the officers did put up a show. Theoretically I could stop and literally inspect an officer's uniform if it is not put on properly but I decided to give that a pass. The kawad was not bad either for a non-military organisation.

After the parade, we had a coffee break and I had a chance to speak to the senior police officer representing the Police Force about the recent break ins. According to him their MO is different. Instead of sneaking in, there will be a group of about 7 to 8 burly men forcing their way into the house and normally they try to grab a kid as that would make the adult parents give up any fight. They would also do surveillance on a house before hand and note the number of people staying there. Now, that is scary.

How many of us actually bother to see who has been loitering our area whether or not there are people out there looking at our behaviour and patterns and family numbers? I remembered when I was at university, I stayed in the halls of residence and we had a policy of asking strangers in the halls of who they want to see and what we can help them with. People are surprisingly quite scared of being asked and will normally run away. I guess that's what we should do, open your eyes to note any strangers and ask questions.

B-mobile had a partial solution yesterday. Their new service Mobi.eye can allow you to see your own homes via your phone, anytime or anywhhere else in the world. I sure hope you are hooked up to another service which allows police or a security agency to be called and catch those burglars if you happen to view the robbery though your mobile phones. I guess you can always use your phone to call the police. I know of another company that takes care even of the calling of police. The defence of our family is something we all need to do and like it or not, we need to study all the various options.


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