Foreign Postage Stamps in Brunei

People ask me what I did from April to December when I didn't do daily entries to the Daily BR. I did a lot of things - work obviously is no 1. I managed to get my official golf handicap too during that time. But it also allowed me to catch up on my hobbies. One of them is catching up with my stamps, paper money and coins collection. You can read about my entries on them here on my other blogsite

During the Japanese occupation of Brunei, the Japanese used the unused Brunei stamps captured during the occupation and overprinted those with the word Japanese Government. But once the Allied Forces took over Brunei, they could not use Brunei stamps and they decided to use North Borneo (Sabah) and Sarawak stamps and overprinted those stamps with BMA (British Military Administration). The stamps used for Brunei are very difficult to find as you have to find either the Sarawak or North Borneo stamps with the postmark "Brunei" clearly visible on the stamps.

This particular specimen (above) is one example of the BMA usage and the letter was clearly registered in Brunei in 1946. The usage of Sarawak and North Borneo stamps overprinted BMA lasted for slightly more than a year (53 weeks). This particular rare letter has a value of around US$475.00 if anyone wants to buy. You can get it from a rare stamp dealer at in Indianapolis, Indiana.


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