Thank you

For those in the know, you heard the announcements last night. It was a surprise announcement. So I will use this entry to thank everyone that I have worked with at the Ministry of Finance. I enjoyed working with you all and I will miss the familiar surroundings but now it's time to face new challenges. It's going to be sad leaving friends and colleagues. Thank you to you all and I hope that we continue to work together for the development of Brunei Darussalam.

Thank you too to all those who have congratulated me. I look forward to your continuing support.

And as a blogger - my apologies to those expecting a regular blog entry - I will be back tomorrow with a proper one.


Anonymous said…
Tahniah n hope u still hv time to write here. I luv ur writing, very informative
anakbrunei said…
Heartiest congratulations on a well deserved promotion from all of us at!
Senor Pablo said…
Congratulations on your recent appointments. Wishing you all the best in your new post. Please keep the blog alive..
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! Three words: You deserve it. :)

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