Official Dinner

Last year whenever I attended dinner at the Palace, I tried to capture the essence of the food and atmosphere there and shared them in this blogsite. There are always two reactions - critics and condemnation by those who are taken aback by the opulence of it and adulations and salutations by those in the trade and especially those who worked hard creating it and appreciated that someone out there is admiring their handiwork. Believe me if you see some of the food design, you would really be impressed. But whatever it is, when you think about it, take out the glamour of it and strip out the opulence, it is just one guy giving dinner to another in honour of that person's visit. So, here is a snapshot of what was served during the official dinner for Myanmar's Prime Minister's visit to Brunei Darussalam sometime last week:-

In case you really wanted to know, the menus is made up of:-

Pumpkin and Chicken Terrine served with Grilled Leek with Coriander Creamy Sauce

Cream of Spinach and Beet Root

Lobster Medallion Ragout
Grilled Fish Fillet marinated in Herbs and Spices
Lamb Chops with Mint Sauce
Spicy Roasted Chicken
Crabmeat with Mixed Vegetables
'Tumpeng' Rice
Steamed White Rice

Longan Parfait and Curaco with Blueberry Coulis


Petit Fours


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